idea showcase 2016

Welcome; here you can find out information about each of the events in our 2016 idea showcase.


Keep an eye out at each event for the opportunity to order

a limited edition phosphorescent poster. View the posters here.


Be sure to check back here during and after the events to view

the online catalogue by clicking on the event name below.

19tH - 25th, 9am - 4:30pm



hastings community

arts centre

14tH, 6:00pm

(doors 5:00pm)


mtg century theatre


23rd, 7:30pm

(doors 7:00pm)


Trades building

eit hawkes bay

24th, 8:00pm

(doors 7:00pm)


marist clubrooms

park island, Napier

  • What is IS?

    IS is an acronym for idea showcase.

    It is an annual two-week event where the four schools that form ideaschool come together and showcase the very best of their students' work. From the catwalk, to the gallery, the stage to the screen; all our mediums are represented by amazing student work. Come along to as many events as you can!


    Each showcase is accompanied by

    a special theme devised in-house - this

    years events is known as the showcase

    of light, with glowing phosphorescent posters, projection mapping and pearlescent tickets.

  • Previous IS Showcases

    • 2012 | IS1

      Physical Catalogue Only

      2012, the launch of ideaschool.

      The theme for this showcase was transit based, using split-flap aesthetics symbolising moving forward. Students were empowered by their new ideaschool brand and produced some stunning work.

    • 2013 | IS2

      View Online Catalogue

      Our second showcase - themed with bold colours, striking triangular polygons and 2 illustrated masks. More amazing work was produced by our gifted ideaschool students.

    • 2014 | IS3

      View Online Catalogue

      Low polygon sci-fi realms dominated the theme for this showcase and students were treated to a theatrical stereoscopic 3D display at the launch event - each student went on to produce some amazing work, yet again.

    • 2015 | IS 15

      View Online Catalogue

      Changing the naming of the showcase to better reflect the year it took place in, this showcase was themed with a surreal restaurant setting and served it's guests a range of compelling and diverse student work.

    • 2016 | IS 16

      The showcase of light - marking the 5th anniversary of the idea showcase, ideaschool pulled out all the stops and treated students to a visually intense projection mapping display, and provided glowing phosphorescent posters and pearlescent tickets.

      The student events are set to be some of the best yet and we can not wait to see you there.

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