Hollie rose




My collection is based on having a bit of fun. Initially the colour palette was going to be pastels, until I saw the mustard hounds tooth print in a store in Palmerston, I then based the rest of the fabric choices around that.


The outfits that bring me the most joy that I see are  usually on little kids, being bright and whimsical, and I usually get just a little bit jealous of their light up shoes and glitter covered boots, so I thought why not have some fun with it.


Colour was something  I really wanted to work with but had not done in the past, this was my last chance so why not go bright.


In the past all I had really made was skirts and dresses So I wanted to stare away from those types of garments and try something new.



Saint Revelations


I’ve been inspired to base my collection on church. Because it’s something I so personal and something that I’ve been taught when I was little.


For me going to church is not something that you do individually it is something that you do collectively. To be a follower of Christ is not just what you do by yourself it is what you do together with other people. We are what the Bible calls the "family of God." A family is by its very nature inter-dependent. What it means to be a part of a local church is that you're inter-dependent with other people in your church. For other people, there are strong reasons why they do go to church.


I personally say Christianity is not a religion; Christianity is a person individual spirituality relationship with God.


I hope that my collection will inspires you and the ideas that work around my collection.





Glamorous fabric, raw & edgy diva like collection that was inspired by music, combination of various musicians & artists, individual style, and strong minded women. A diva vibe to attend three separate music shows, gangster rap,R&B an alternative music inspired materials, silhouettes and style.



My Gurls


Inspired by a love story. Love of two people their upcoming union, and the friendships that prevail towards the big day, a compromise on colour, cuts and fabrics to enhance the true pure beauty in each of my gurls unique styles.


Contemporary bridesmaids. Sex appeal, romance and playfulness are evoked in my garments.



My collection 'Siida' began with the exploration of my family history book. Ellen Matilda Syverson had intrigued me. She was born in Sarpsborg, Christiana, Norway in 1852. She traveled to New Zealand in 1872. She married into my family in 1873 in Coote Road, Napier.


I wanted to create a strong, clean, sophisticated collection that was my interpretation of contemporary Sami clothing. I designed the Sami print that I used on my fabrics. I incorporated the print into each look but in slightly different ways. The design is lasercut into the bottom panels of the faux leather full circle skirt. I screen printed the bottom of the envelope dress with a small version of the print and screen printed a larger version of the print adorns the jacket lining.