DEEDEE aka Destry Byrne is a positive, optimistic ….  has fused the likes of Soul, Rock, RnB and Blues to become an amazing stage performer. She has traveled with her songs has spreading messages of strength and resilience, changing the lives of people.


Born in New Zealand on the 28th March 1998, She’s created a sound that has become infectious and hard to keep your ears from shutting down.


Her influences are ABBA, the movie Grease, Rhianna, Etta James and the most influencial is Kapahaka.


She gained her certificate and diploma studying at the Eastern Institute of Technology gaining her level 6 in Music.




With a grounding in metal, Liam uses this to create a diverse electronic sound. This producer/DJ, mixes heavy synths, pulsating rock drum styles into a sound that is his own.


Starting out as a rock guitarist, Liam Good from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, became very passionate about music. He learned to play the songs he loved from bands like Slipknot, Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Just before he left high school, Liam became interested in Electronic music by hearing the likes of Skrillex and deadmau5. He started crafting his own sound collecting synthesizers and using a combination of analog and digital gear. He is still based in Hawke's Bay playing shows and collaborating with local acts to produce new music.


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Louisa Kerisiano is a gospel, RnB, Blues singing artist. She brings a unique multilingual ethnic sound. Louisa has a graceful presence which allows many to connect to her songs. Louisa's songs are based from personal experiences and her testimony of her faith.


Louisa grew up singing in church bands since the age of 15 as a back up singer, now she is a worship director in her home church.


Louisa is currently studying a certificate in contemporary music at Eastern Institute of Technology and is currently working in different schools in Hawke's Bay teaching pasifika dancing, music and song.

At present Louisa is leading worship, investing in upskilling in her craft, and working towards her business teaching pasifika in schools.



Jack McCallum was born on the 17th of September 1998. He started playing the guitar when he was eight, heavily inspired by Nirvana, Guns n Roses and Greenday.


He is now an aspiring guitarist inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and John Frusciante. Jack has now taken an interest in analysing the Beatles work to further his knowledge of songwriting.



The frantic and exciting Liam Meehan was born December 6th 1998. He started his journey at the young age of 11 when he picked up his very first pair of drum sticks and started hitting the skins. Liam’s dream began while listening to the heavy metal band Slipknot, the drumming intrigued him. He was given lessons by who he truly thinks is the greatest drummer he knew Mr B. Liam grew up in the sunny Hawke's Bay on a farm 40 minutes from the closest town. Over the years Liam has played in two bands Critical Theory and French Pedestrian, playing at places such as The Cabana and The Common Room. Liam’s future holds more good times and live gigs. Liam is striving to become the best drummer on the planet and an overall good person. Liam continues to this day to play in bands and live his dreams.




Jessica Moss has a clear, classically trained voice with a twist that will perforate your emotional core and leave you spellbound. She works with a mixture of piano and computer-based sounds to create music with genuine feeling.


As a youngster, her family discovered her vocal ability and enrolled her in classical voice lessons. From that point forward, there was no limit. During her seven years of classical training she has been in a multitude of choral groups, musicals and solo performances. She is talented in a number of genres, essentially classical, rock and pop, and hopes to concoct a mixture of the three.


Her concept is to deliver a personal appreciation of a range of personal experiences. She wants her audience to feel what she feels, and come away from the experience wanting more.



Jaydon Pohio is a 21 year old human that writes songs; plays musical instruments and is passionate for God. He also loves to play a wide range of Christian music from upbeat heavy bass that makes you want to dance to the simple acoustic/band setting.


In his early teens, Jaydon started singing and playing guitar/bass for his church, Turning Point. This grew into a love of all things musical and carried into his schooling. He studied Levels 1, 2 and 3 in NCEA Music, and was endorsed with Excellence in the performance segment of the class.


He not only sings in, but leads the Worship team within his church He has a vision to see peoples’ lives change through Praise and Worship music. He is currently undertaking further study within music, where he will complete a Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance, refining his skills and ability as a musician.

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Te Meihana

Wai, a 19 year old Hawke’s Bay local guy, is a singer/songwriter, Merging Pop, Hip Hop, EDM and Folk to create his gripping movement of sound.


Wai brings his honeyed vocal chords mixed with a tangy dance sound, presented through his ability to record and perform live on stage, with the use of a loop-station. Wai has a bitter sweet approach to his combination of memorable chord progressions and held down beats. Influenced by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kimbra and JP Cooper.


Be sure to expect to hear Wai’s songs in his EP due to drop this November.


Tuahine Peka



Kepa Tumai is one half of a bass banging drum poppin producer duo “Architectz”. Along with his brother Warena Tumai the pair are bringing together and mashing the genres of EDM/Trap/Soul/Hip Hop/Jazz and old school RnB. Kepa’s heavy production influences start from Rock City to the now modern day bass banger Troiboy were his brother Warenas production influences are more trance/dance based such as Skrillex/Marshmallow and all time dance legend deadmu5. With both brothers bringing different styles and experience to the table the duo are deffinatly alrounded and are sure to bring a good to there audience. Architectz are currently working on their newest EP wich will feature some of New Zealand's hottest artists and will show listeners a glimpse into the broken world of Architectz. The pair are targeting there sights on mainstream overseas artists and groups from small names to mainstream acts.

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I’m supposed to write something about myself that expresses my “ego” as a “musician”…. Quite frankly, I just enjoy good music that makes me feel.


Love my girl. Love my family. Love my music. Love music.


Teiki Utiputona




I am Tigers In Your Lungs




Seta Vaisigano is a multi cultural and skilled musician/songbird. She plays most instruments and is mostly self taught. A poetic song writer and can pretty much rock it out wherever she is placed on instruments or vocals. Her 1st love is to perform. Freedom to flow and express from the soul. Her passion and love for music from childhood, fanned her creativity into flame. Her ability to listen to songs on the radio and fluently play them on the piano gave her an advantage in Gospel choir, and various bands. Also a dancer, she choreographed dances growing up in school, and continued to teach dance in her adult years just before having her four children.



Merging the sonic assault of industrial music with the hooks of contemporary tunes, Trent Wehi introduces a harsh edge to popular music. His blend of acoustics and electronics produces a sheet metal smoothie. Influenced by Nine Inch Nails, the Gorillaz, and David Bowie, Trent was drawn to the other side of popular music - rejecting bubblegum pop in favour of grooving noise.


Trent aims to shift the perception of alternative music and provide his counter argument to the landscape of popular music.