The work I have created, is a ‘The Journal of Creativity & Positivity’. Influenced by books such as ‘Wreck This Journal’ and ‘The Book of Doing’, this journal inspires you to break the boundaries of creative block, and explore the doing. Step away from your phone, your computer, your console, and take a walk by the river, take the bus to the library and relax, visit the museum and draw your favourite paintings or statues… The Journal of Creativity and Positivity is full of ways to not only help with your creativity, but spread happiness along the way. Leaving cute notes for people to find, surprising your friends or strangers with unexpected acts of kindness, you’ll all find it inside this small 180mm x 180mm book!




It really wouldn't take much, the potential energy is there and the foundations are threadbare.


What would it be like when it all comes crashing down, would it be more beautiful to watch from the inside or from a distance, andhow would the change in perspective change the perception?


A sense of complete helplessness versus a comprehensive understanding of its downfall, but while it exists you feel both.

I don't think it would change a fucking thing.



My work for this exhibition are a series of material investigations that use form and texture to create mood and enchantment.

Part of the aim of my practice is to abolish the taboo of not touching the work and to allow the viewer to engage with the works directly.


I use wool, found organic material, feathers, mixed fabric and yarns which is then overlaid with multiple layers of paint primer and dyes to create layers which

reflect the actions left behind.



Drawing on my experience in marketing, product and packaging design, business management and research I have created a wholesome young lady named SPoT;


I (SPoT) have evolved over the past year to become Sarah’s alter ego.  I am 12 years old and I love to make things and play and imagine and question and think.  I am a well-mannered young lady that just wants to make people smile and think.  I want more adults to play. I want people to question if this life is ok the way it is.  Above all of this I want people to learn to really think. Think about their true opinions, think about both sides of a story without prejudice, think about solutions, really just DO THE THINKING.




These untitled artworks are an exploration of contemporary abstract painting practices done on mdf board. They are created using acrylic paint, oils, dye and twine; some have small pieces of wood attached to give them three dimensional qualities and an assemblage aspect.


Abstract artists such as Paul Klee, Heather Grounden and Mark Rothko have inspired these artworks. Satellite Images of our earth have been the inspiration for parts of these paintings. However, my work is very intuitive.


These works are a material investigation that pushes the idea of what a painting is, by there three dimensional aspects and the way I have chosen to display them.




I have always grown up around art and when coming to EIT I discovered my passion for design. I have fallen in love with design and all the endless possibilities design can bring.


The biggest inspirations are my daughters and proving to them that they can follow their dreams. Every day I try to be better then before, for them.


My exhibition work is on an issue I am very passionate about. Equal life for animals. I wanted my works to highlight how humans have and continue to pick and choose which animals deserve life and which don’t. For example we choose to domesticate one animal and the farm another.




Plethora & Construct


A series of photographs including land and sky to display the contrast between Earth and the solar system. The Scale is expressed through human influence in nature. This was achieved by photographing long exposure scenes where you can clearly see the pattern humans leave behind through space and time Such as light trails spanning kilometres through windy landscapes, the Milkyway arching over a highway or humans standing on a distant hill to create a sense of contrast in relation to the landscape to illustrate our place in the universe.







I am a strong independent Maori woman part of the Ngati Kahungunu community. My Identity and strengths are embedded in my culture, my heritage, my bloodline.


We emphasize on Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga, coming together as a community supporting one another.


My passion is making a difference in other people's lives, encouraging and empowering people of young and old. Showing them their sense of self being/self worth.


And Nothing is more beautiful than honesty.


Music is one of my Highlights I enjoy so much, it motivates my creativity and wellbeing healthy body creates a healthy mind.



I am a graphic designer, specialising in areas of website design and branding collateral. The work I create explores the digital design realm, specifically the way digital design can be used for social good.


My exhibition work is a digital solution to encourage and raise awareness about pollution in our oceans. The human race uses a lot of plastic bags each year and 80% of the plastic in the ocean comes from humans on land. So, I created a fun way to educate and encourage the use of reusable materials rather than plastic bags.


My jelly journey app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.


Will you make a change to save our marine life?




I am a keen creative, ready for any challenge.


‘Na Tane-Nui-A-Rangi ka puta ki te Whai Ao ki Te Ao Marama’ explores the whakapapa links between the wood, light and I. Everything in Te Ao Maori has been personified, we belong to everything, everything is in a constant state of connection. This work will be an embodiment of two concepts, the concept of colonisation and the effects it has had on our language in a contemporary context, it pays homage to the foundations of Māori written language and European culture for enabling our language to be internationally recognised through text. Also, the concept of whakapapa and how I as the artist can connect to the materials on an artistic and a very personal level, it is an expression of my lineage.

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Charlotte Rose is a New Zealand lifestyle brand which embraces femininity, simplicity and the natural world.


Each print is inspired by our beautiful landscape, seasonal colours and patterns found within nature. These original textile designs have then been printed onto pure crepe de chine silk. Creating a fashion label which is sustainable and gentle on the environment was a strong focus in my project, using only non toxic dyes and having the garments made locally within New Zealand.




//channel// is the result of an experimental process which explores the effect of technology on natural materials such as water, and exploring the difference between digital vs. analogue materials. Generating sine frequencies from 20Hz – 170Hz, this produces sound waves to create ripples, producing a visual result from an invisible force. This explores the interaction between the natural state of water and the impact on this of industrial human-made systems.



dɪsˈkɔːdəns (2016)

projected film, our table, our chairs, our lamp, our ashtray, our krimskrams, this place, their space.


dɪsˈkɔːdəns is a site specific installation reflecting on collaborative practice.


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As an image maker I create imagery that communicates social and political messages related to contemporary and historic affairs.


This work is focused more on the American corruption and conspiracies. It is a transferred image placed on aluminium using intron press which is then placed into sulphate salt solutions.



My identity series talks about who I am as an artist and as well as a person. With my identity series are basically rough and fast sketches of concept ideas, that brings out my character and culture, filled with energy and freedom.


They show different parts of me that I do not show out towards people often and being mysterious is always a feeling I like to bring into my artwork. Because expressing who I am to my own community should always be with pride and freedom. But most importantly to inspire my community by being proud of who they are as person and that, every life is worth living for, showing pride and respect to there own heritage and to their own character.




My body of work in this graduate exhibition represents my experience as a person with Aspergers, within the tight confines of academic education.

With overdevelopment of my senses: Of touch, hearing, smell. Observing detail. Remembering number streams and what I read. My memory doesn’t let much go.

I consume information voraciously. Seeing things in patterns and categories.

This information whirlwinds, and I create in a whirlwind.

Academia states I am a flawed thinker. A faulty unit.

I have become combative, in an attempt to retain a positive sense of self: Of being different, rather than flawed.

The box of conformity has felt too small. To fit feels impossible. To stand outside the box is isolating.

My work examines the spaces I have created to evaluate my connections with the world.

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I am presenting an interactive prototype of Mingle: the relationships game. It is a tile-placement board game which orchestrates conversations about decisions and consequences surrounding dating and friend relationships between young adults. Mingle is designed to be played by 4-6 players aged 13 and up. Since Mingle is still in development, feel free to post any questions or suggestions for the game’s improvement on Mingle’s Facebook forum or by email. .

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My exhibition installation is a re􀃸ection of me and my line of work. It is not a series of images for sale however, a demonstration and presentation understanding of what I do as a designer and manufacturer. This self-promotion installation showcases my individual graphics practice including, brand and logo design, vehicle signage,

branch signage, digital print, decals and business multimedia along with manufacture and installation all under one roof. Let me help you with your marketing and business design needs!

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I enjoy the mental space of play when I create work. A large part of this is experimenting with outcomes. I explore glass, clay, plaster, and paint and my current work uses the lost wax sculpting process.


I am interested in small simple and finely sculptured objects.  My works are influenced by glass artist Anne Robinson and the fine miniature sculptures of Jon Alameda.


This collection of works is a representation of the human ability to create the vessel, an object used throughout time to take liquid from its source. Each work explores how the vessel separates humans from animals in a contemporary way.



The Pou of Otatara created a vortex of positivity and pushed its winds towards the River Banks of the Tutaekuri River, resulting in the birth of the Tutaekuri River Monks. These winds explained that the River Monks should start coming to an understanding of Nature in order to understand existence itself and show peace to all living beings. The River Monks then created their own ten Commandments that focused on the winds message, so it could be spread throughout the world as an understanding of peace.


Te Whaiti

My Piece “Extinction” talks about the survival of the endangered big cats as man continuously invades their territory through excessive deforestation, as well as climate change and farming of palm oil plantations. In many places, big cats prey on live stock as an easy source of food, causing problems with ranches will hunt the cats to protect their livestock, which in any places is the only source of income of many people.

Snow leopards, lions, cheetahs and jaguars all face this challenging threat. man made structures also overtake their territory, such as sky scrapers/high-rise buildings and landscapes. Cats like the snow leopard, the habitats where they are found shrinking due to the snow melting. The loss of habitat for all endangered big cats means closer encounters with humans and livestock. We need to make drastic changes in order for the survival of these majestic animals. What are the changes needed for their survival? Prevent illegal killing. Ensure any hunting of big cats’ prey species is legal and sustainable. Reduce conflict with humans. Ensure connectivity between populations



dɪsˈkɔːdəns (2016)

projected film, our table, our chairs, our lamp, our ashtray, our krimskrams, this place, their space.


dɪsˈkɔːdəns is a site specific installation reflecting on collaborative practice.

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Van Ingen

These works represent the continuation of themes and philosophies that I started to develop last year such as design inspired by nature and marine life. I have chosen to continue with these although now I have chosen to take influence from something personal to me that being my fear of deep sea fish and use it as an influence in my work. This is relevant because many of these organisms utilise bio-luminescence and grotesque features relating back to my concept of lighting which I can utilise to inspire my creations. Through the qualities of my chosen material Perspex I have interpreted these aspects and enhanced certain fearful traits. Present within these works perhaps not consciously aware but subconsciously is the fear of the unknown. Fear is a powerful emotion and I feel that emotionally driven work will allows me to give more thought to the creation of my designs.



Carbcaine consists of 5 miniature sets of various food groups portraying carb addiction. These five sets are fast food (McDonalds), snacks, desserts, candy, and pastries and are created from polymer clay at a 1:12 scale. With obesity increasing, nobody discusses this very real addiction and binge eating disorders. Carbohydrates affect the same part of the brain as cocaine releasing dopamine and even at times causing a “loss of control” with the inability to stop eating when full to the point of feeling uncomfortable. I chose this topic because earlier in the year I had a diabetes scare and recently was referred to a dietician in the addictions clinic with a binge eating disorder. There is so much judgement around being overweight when sometimes there’s so much more to it.



Chroma Draw is an educational illustrated whiteboard wall spread that teaches you basic drawing and colouring techniques to enhance your creative ability. I have created a product that includes a variety of drawing techniques which the user can interact with on this whiteboard based sheets that you can place on any wall. The drawing techniques in the packs include the tracing method, grid system, half image teaching scale and proportion, also colouring and shading exercise’s. These techniques have been considered very helpful throughout artists around the world.

The reason the sheets are whiteboard based is that if you make a mistake you can easily wipe off with no mess. Also these spread sheet are self adhesive, they can stick on and peel off any flat surface without leaving any mess.

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022 619 3229



My exhibition work is an educational children’s visual audio book that tells the story of native New Zealand species that help Tai the Tuatara compete in The Great Tuatara Race. This story teaches the child the virtue of perseverance and to never give up.


I began my work from using a story I created when I was fifteen years old, of course I re-edited this and then I started to really begin working on each character.


For the illustrations I started off by drawing a sketch in pencil of each species, I then took those images into Photoshop, added colour and shading to each drawing. I then placed photos that I took from White Pine Bush behind each image to really bring all the animals to life.