Ethica, locally known as Bobbette Beauchamp, is a solo indie artist from Napier who uses a guitar or ukulele to communicate their music. Studying music this year at EIT has been a big step forward in regards to learning and composing. They have not only been working on their skills as a composer, but also as a person. So when they finally ‘came out’ to family and friends as Queer, they felt like their journey in music could finally begin. Ethica wants their crowd to resonate with pain, believing it is one of the deepest levels to connect on. “The first time someone said my voice was unique shocked me. I think that was one of the main things that kept me writing music” Now Ethica is working towards writing and creating to the best of their ability while still learning what goes well with their sound.


From the Hood. Talitha comes from a huge influential musical family background of great well known musicians.. Talitha has a raspy soulful, Jazz, sound with a touch of Rhythm and Blues to set the Ambience. Talitha has huge musical influences that have influenced her musical journey thus far, such as Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Etta James, and Chaka Khan, just to name a few. Talitha has had a very pleasurable journey so far having experienced singing in different bands around Hawkes Bay,and has had successful openings for various artists and bands in New Zealand such as Aaradhna, swiss, Che fu, Tomorrow People and Katchafire and the list goes on! Carrying on with her dreams and aspirations in 2015 Talitha tried out for Xfactor NZ making the top 24 in with over One Million views on you tube. Also outstandingly having the privilege to perform on stage at NZs finest Vector Arena in Auckland. Talitha is currently working on forming her EP to give you a taste of her world.

Blake Colledge

Raised in a town in the east coast of New Zealand, Matthew grew up in a household that had a strong passion for listening to music. Growing up with the greats such as Metallica, Iron maiden, Skidrow and more. This inspired him to peruse a career in music. Sitting behind drums from the age of 7, Matthew began to experiment with different styles of music. Later on he found heavier music and is now to this day creating music inspired by such bands as, Thy art is murder, Job for a Cowboy, Veil of Maya and many more. Matthew began studying Music at the Eastern Institute of Technology and began creating and releasing original music. Colledge Studios is an artist that creates a little something for everyone. He hopes to release his new EP (Insanity) by late December (2017) early January (2018).


Shanay a captivating singer-songwriter, rapper, producer. Raised in Hawke's Bay she is a passionate soulful performer who will show you her unique blend of music including hiphop, soul, rap, blue and oldskool. Shanay brings her raw talent to the stage with her lyrics reflecting of her northern roots embracing the essence of shanay’s life from an urban perspective. Shanay studied contemporary music performance at ideaschool in Taradale and continues to write and produce music fulltime. Shanay was originally inspired by Whitney Huston at the age of 2 when she started singing her songs which she continues to do. Shanay is also inspired by alot of music producers that she looks up to including Dr. Dre, Nas, Usher, Micheal Jackson and Etta James. Shanay thinks It’s important to have producing skills along with knowledge to colabarate with a producer that has the ability to listen deeply and have a empathtic ear and willing to follow true artist instincts without trampling on their ideas.


Joe is a singer/songwriter whose sound currently mixes between two genres respectively, Pop/R&B. While a base to his current work, Joe is always open to evolving and growing his sound. Joe is working on his first EP, which will allow him space for authenticity. He chooses to be open creatively, without feeling boxed in or genre bound as he believes no musician should ever feel limited.


Jak grew up in a small town in Thailand. When he was 8 he became very interested in music. His favourite band is Bodyslam, a very famous Thai rock band. He wanted to be like the guy who sang in that band “BodySlam”. Jak started playing guitar and after 3 days had a steady understanding of the instrument. Jak moved to New Zealand when he was 14, where he studied music for 3 years at high school. Now he studies music at ideaschool at the Eastern Institute of Technology where he has learned to play other instruments. He wrote his first song with a piano accompaniment called ‘‘One Little Step’’. Jak wants to experience more musically and learn more about how to write music for instruments and lyrics.


Both of her parents have a vast musical background so much so that they are currently hanging up in the Auckland Museum, so obviously she had a lot of inspiration from her surroundings as a kid. She wrote her first song ‘Only Human’ in 2015. After seizing the opportunity to go on the road with her father Steven Key, she got to watch him and his band House of Shem perform at Raggamuffin in 2014. Following this she decided to start studying the basics and saw many roles that she could potentially take on in the music industry. This year she has a goal of releasing an EP with a balance of all lyrically, vocally and musically driven songs in late 2017.


Performing cultural arts and composing original authentic hip-hop music, Ricarn’s diverse taste in music is very unique. Brought up on a large range of genres from Heavy Metal to Reggae to Golden Oldies adds to his authenticity. Spending countless hours shaping, developing and honing his craft he was offered the chance to perform live at the ”U&ME Peace” festival in front of his home community. After receiving an abundance of praise and respect from the community his hunger to share his music beyond his hometown had increased rapidly. Since enrolling at EIT Ricarn’s music has continued to evolve and his knowledge of the music industry has expanded, the course has equipped Ricarn with the tools he will need to progress and now has a clearer idea on what needs to be done to achieve his goals in music.


Passion for both faith and music were birthed as integral driving forces in life for Ailini as artist, wife and mother. With vocal honesty, she sees music “as the vehicle carrying the sound that would speak life into generations to come” Exposure to diverse cultures and musical genres at a very early age, weave rich textures of sound influenced by her Polynesian roots, people and places. Creatively she writes for both worship and secular environments, she believes her message of Hope will speak change into her local community and cultural decadence. With over a decade of experience vocally, as a musician, teaching vocals in a local primary school, worship teams, performing in community events, music continues to be one of her expressively communicated languages. Ailini values growth and continues to extend herself through study in music and in life.


Something very odd occurred when researching the details of this artist I was unable to retrieve any information about him. However, today I somehow received an email from this individual. Here is what the letter contained: ‘Greetings. I have reason to believe that you are the one writing my biography. Although it is indeed a noble task, I think it would be better if you don’t know anything about me. You’re a talented writer, I’m sure you would be able to come up with something interesting for the reader. Just tell them about all the years I spent learning my craft, how I have always wanted to be a musician, how it’s always been my dream. Tell them my influences that range from electronic artists such as Burial to Black Metal bands like Leviathan. How I always strive to push the boundaries of Electronic music or whatever. Something interesting like that

Van Der Walt

Stephany is a worship artist with an Afrikaans background. She crafts impactful worship songs to connect with the world around her. She enjoys performing and writing music for her church but she also creates videos on Youtube that are funny to lighten peoples day. She hopes anyone can relate no matter what religion or background. Her Afrikaans background influences her music in the instrumentations and rhythms to create a different approach to worship music. Stephany has been in competitions and fundraising events including Cancer research and Amnesty International. Stephany’s goal is to create music from her own experiences that people can relate and connect with to help them with the issues that they face.