Screen Production



Thea Eveny has been an artist since birth. She continuously involves herself in visual and creative activities, she applies her keen eye for color, composition, and dimensional shape to film. Thea hopes to bring her skills to bigger productions in the film industry and in turn learn even more during that time spent contributing to those productions, just like she has working on her own film alongside the other students at the Eastern Institute of Technology studying a Diploma of Screen Production. “A Journey Through Fear” - Thea's first short film is a great example of the intense devotion that she gives her projects. She has taken on a task bigger than anything she has attempted before and has acquired many new skills over the two years attending EIT


“A Girl with Golden Wings” Written, Directed and Edited by Ashik Chahwala Ayaan, a young Indian boy living abroad who is dissatisfied with his job, quits to focus on his dream to write an independent novel. After meeting a beautiful stranger, Ayaan finds the inspiration he needs to finish his book in the spark that ignites between himself and the mysterious Sonia. Ayaan is shocked to discover there is more of a connection between Sonia and his novel’s title character than first meets the eye… A Girl with Golden Wings is a short fantasy romance that captures the essence of first love and the creativity it inspires.






‘Tortured Souls’ Written, Directed and Edited by Jess Harrison Tortured Souls is based on a 19-year-old girl named Alison, and is friends with a strange girl named Sarah. Alison is kidnapped and tortured by a masked identity she doesn’t know and tries to escape. Tortured souls is a short thriller/ horror movie with dramatic music and a plot twist at the end, enough to make you go “wow didn’t see that coming.”


Why Hello there, my name is Lachlan Mackay, and this is my short film ‘The Dirty Double’, that I have directed here at the Eastern Institute of Technology through the diploma in Screen Production course in which I study. Inspired by movies from the buddy cop genre such as, ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘The Nice Guys’, ‘The Dirty Double’ is a more satirical take on the genre with a combination of both slapstick and verbal comedy. Here is a short synopsis of my film. When an office cleaner is found murdered, two detectives, an experienced but disgraced detective, and a rookie fresh from police training, must solve the mystery of finding the killer. However, with every clue and suspect they find, the two detectives seem to raise more questions than answers.



White Rose Written, Directed and Edited by Renee Menzies. ‘White Rose’ was created during the screen production course at EIT Hawke's Bay. The film is a short drama, designed to make people think about difficulties in everyday life. The story follows one boy’s decisions and the effects it has on his family. “You did this; you did this to me.” Does he fix his mistakes, or does his decision haunt his family forever?





Amy Te Marama


‘Duck’ written, directed and edited by Amy Te Marama Page In a world where the first words your soulmate say to you mark your skin on your 18th birthday, Oliver believes he’s gotten the short end of the stick. Little does he know, fate has a funny way of working things out in the end. “Duck” is a little family drama/coming of age film, with a small dose of teen romance thrown into the mix and an ending that hopefully leaves you grinning from ear to ear. Amy Page has been writing stories since she was old enough to know how. The original version of “Duck” came from the mind of an eight-year-old and grew from there. Amy is devoted to the writing process and she hopes to bring more stories to life through the medium of film.


Greetings. My name is Josh Reeves-Pollock; you may know me from films that I’ve directed such as “A. D.” at the Eastern Institute of Technology studying a Diploma of Screen Production. What I’ve included here is a still of the film “A. D.” which I directed, edited and wrote within the course of my second year at the diploma. I feel for a first short film it’s a pretty good job, particularly the lighting and sound department. I hope you enjoy yourself, feel free to contact me with any questions.