Visual Arts and Design


Hoare Illustrator Caleb Hoare (Hoare.c), is heavily inspired by surrealism, hallucinogenic colour, and pop culture; drawing from such themes to produce digital illustrations which express homoerotic themes and a bold usage of bright colours. The ‘Intrusion’ series deals with Caleb’s own feelings as a gay male today. Expressing how society often sexualises gay men, publicising their privacy, not their love. Caleb depicts this through interrupted private moments shared between gay couples. Taking inspiration from Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, one subject shares a confrontational gaze with the viewer to acknowledge the sexualisation taking place, in a bid to bestow an invasive feeling upon them.
Ioane According to Teorepi she “inherited the responsibility to protect and extend Cook Island art forms and the stories of her people into the future, as do the next generation”. As an artist she “creates what she feels and perceives; all that is part of her life”. Teorepi’s practice is informed and influenced by traditional Cook Islands culture and symbols, these are the visual language of the Cook Islands. She creates environment’s she calls “Marae” based on the Cook Islands concept, not a building structure but an open circular area used for ceremonial practices. Teorepi develops contemporary marae and utilises a variety of materials to do so such as natural materials like clay ,Muka fibre and recycled or found objects. Clay is an important component of her work as it is a transformative material which relates to the idea about metamorphoses and be the embodiment of transformation and transition.

Jones The work that I am exhibiting is a design-based piece. It is a continuum of the internship project I undertook in semester one of this year linked to my desire to open an arts therapy centre. The logo is a depiction of the founding sources of art in the primary colours red, blue and yellow as a representation of life, growth and maturity. The black indicates those times in our lives when we experience hurt, sorrow or pain that triggers emotional trauma either physically or mentally. The last spectrum is where the individual’s life and arts intertwine to aid them on a road of recovery while the white background symbolizes all that exists beyond the inner-self, in this realm of existence whether it is spiritual, physical or material. It is an ambiguous work in that it’s form represents text which spells the word 
A r T = A – art, r – rehab, T – therapy.
Le Geyt My names Aaron Le Geyt, I’m an Artist Guitarist! I play bass guitar for The Rude Boyz, a local reggae band from Hawke's Bay that started from a family and used to play lead. I wanted to be a Rastaman when I was Twelve. Thirteen years later I find myself trying to fulfill the same dream I had when I was a child with a lot more challenging obstacles ahead. Listening to my Mother, Father and Mentors very carefully is ultimately how I got to this certain point in time to write about myself. Changing my idea of love has been the hardest because I’ve come from a dark place and the earth keeps pulling me down or up depending on what I’ve been consuming. So I’ve got to grab onto the earth and take a leap of faith while easing into my destiny all at the same time.
Pirret Inspired by location and perspectives that surround her, Te Puawai Pirret translates her awareness for the everyday cityscapes. This has directed her work with an appreciation to architectural pattern and experimentation through colour and detailed linework. She challenges these familiar locations with new perspectives and contrasts which creates a conversation about who would occupy these spaces and thus the viewer imagines themselves exploring these cityscapes.
Skelton Finding herself in a constant battle with self acceptance. Maddison decided that now was the time to cut the ties and use it to her advantage. Self portrait photography become the main focus for her work, allowing her vulnerability and strength to take hold. Confronted by the idealistic stereotypical models of the 21st century, Maddison felt that it was applicable for her work to show that it is okay to love what you look like and be proud of who you are.

Instargram; Maddison_photograhy14

Wilson Recycled cedar wood, laser cut honeycomb pattern, industrial sheet metal steel and LED lighting. This design has been created referencing our own human arm and hand. My influences are from many known and unknown functional designers and artists that give me personal inspiration such as Toko-pa and Vainius Kubilius. Recycled timbers play a big part in my practice along with other found materials. Most of my pieces include lighting. I believe that light gives the heart courage which is my personal approach to my work. 027 586 0388